How far in advance do I have to order my piñata?

It is best to order at least 3 weeks before your event - that will give Meaghan ample time to design, create and ship your piñata.

Does the piñata come pre-filled with candy/treats?

No - you can fill your piñata with anything you wish once it arrives.

Can I return or exchange my piñata?

Because all piñatas are individually crafted especially for you, they can not be returned or exchanged.

How are piñatas shipped?

I ship all of your piñatas through FedEx to ensure that your piñata arrives on time and in one piece (it wouldn't be very good if they took all the fun out of it!)

Where does Your Piñatas ship?

Meaghan will ship anywhere! She just asks that if you want to order anywhere outside of Canada and the 50 US States that you contact her directly so she can whip you up a custom order.

How do I hang my piñata?

All piñatas come with a string so you can hang it in just the right place for viewing, pictures and - of course - smashing!