Custom orders
I base my prices on your budget and the details of your order. Let's say for example, you wanted a 2-3 foot tall person, full body in jeans and a tshirt with graphics, cool sneakers, great hair, etc, I charge around $300.
Larger budget? They could be 6 feet tall, on rollerskates, in a Ferrari.. anything is possible! 
Smaller budget? Keep it simple, just the face, plain clothes, still rad with great details just more simple:) 
Have fun with it- I love it when folks include details and inside jokes to really make it a Hit! (pun intended) 
Tell me a little bit about what/when/who you are thinking and we can find the right kind of workshop for your group.
Wanna chat? 
I'm always happy to discuss the way to make your event a hit over the phone! Call me: 604-250-6307